Wheeling Libraries Offer Socially Distant Services

a stack of books on a library table.

Wheeling, IL is a beautiful place to live and work. One way to add activity to your life is to get involved with local programs. Luckily, the Indian Trails Public Library District allows you to enjoy online activities and other great services from the comfort of our apartments in Wheeling. Our favorites include:

Drive-Up Services

The Indian Trails Public Library District is offering drive-up services so that you can continue to have free access to books this winter. You can also pick up craft and DIY2Go supplies in the vestibule for fun crafts at home.

Virtual Programs

The library continues to offer virtual events to enjoy from the comfort of your own homes. Virtually meet like-minded people in groups like The Anime Club. These events are a great way to break up the monotony of everyday life, and not having to leave your warm home is a bonus!

Learn Something New

The Indian Trails Public Library District continues to offer its educational videos and classes. If you’re looking to try your hand at illustration, the library has resources to help you get started. There is no better time than the present to discover a new hobby!

Participate in a Discussion

Being indoors, even in our excellent apartments in Wheeling, can start to feel lonely. One way to both exercise your mind and get some socialization is to participate in a discussion. The library hosts civilized public discussions on various topics. There is no excuse to feel uninspired!

Hone Your Skills

As always, the public library is a wealth of resources for individuals looking to improve their professional life. They continue to offer assistance with professional services, such as resume building, delivering a great presentation at work, and time management skills.

Whatever you seek, your local Wheeling, IL public library has programs and services available that directly reflect the wonderful community. Check out our blog for more ways to support the local community, including these local flower shops. When you’re ready to make our apartments in Wheeling, Illinois your home, contact us.

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