The Lincoln Park Zoo Offers Virtual Exhibits!

polar bear in a zoo

At Foxboro Apartment Homes, we know that Lincoln Park Zoo is an important part of many local residents’ lives. With free admission for everyone, it is a great place to visit. Sometimes, though, a physical visit is not possible. If you’d like to connect with Lincoln Park Zoo from the comfort of your apartment in Wheeling, IL, be sure to check out these three ideas.

Visit Their YouTube Page

The Lincoln Park Zoo’s YouTube page offers an assortment of videos to enjoy when you aren’t physically able to visit the zoo. From short clips about the zoo’s newest additions to longer videos featuring zoo employees, you are sure to find at least a video or two to help you feel connected to your Lincoln Park Zoo friends.

Learn More About the Animals Online

You can learn an assortment of interesting facts about the animals on the zoo’s website. One place you will want to visit is the New Arrivals section. You can read about some of the new baby animals and see pictures of them. Be sure to look at the De Brazza’s monkey who was born earlier this year and Harvey, an African penguin who was born late last year. 

If you’re a fan of polar bears, you may also want to take the zoo’s quiz about them. This “true or false” quiz clarifies some misconceptions about polar bears. 

Virtual “Zoomba” at the Zoo

While you likely won’t see any animals, Virtual Zoomba at the Zoo does give you another opportunity to support those animals since all the money from ticket sales goes directly toward supporting the zoo. The event takes place on June 28. It starts at 9:30 and will last about 90 minutes. It will include an assortment of Zumba dance styles.

To truly enjoy these great virtual experiences, you will need a comfortable place to live. Contact us if you are looking for a great apartment community in Wheeling, IL.

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