Virtually Explore the Elmhurst Art Museum

Three paintings from the Elmhurst Art Museum hanging on a wall

Since opening in 1981, the Elmhurst Art Museum has become famous for its fascinating exhibits. Thankfully, residents of Foxboro Apartment Homes can now virtually explore the museum online. Read on to learn about three exciting exhibits that you can discover from the comfort of our apartments in Wheeling, IL:

Wright Before the “Lloyd” 

Wright Before the “Lloyd”¬†showcases the early work of famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The exhibit gets its name from the little-known fact that he first signed his work “Frank L. Wright.” However, since many of Wright’s early materials were lost to fire, a lot of people don’t know this interesting bit of history. Fortunately, a cultural historian named Tim Samuelson was able to restore some of these damaged materials. You can check them out in the exhibit. In addition, you can also take a look at Wright’s early designs.¬†

McCormick House: From the Collection 

In 1952, Mies van der Rohe built the McCormick House for Robert Hall McCormick. This house is incredibly unique, as it’s one of only three single-family homes that van der Rohe designed in the United States. Today, the Elmhurst Art Museum owns and operates the McCormick House. It uses it as a venue to display various exhibits. Throughout 2021, the museum will use the McCormick House to virtually showcase pieces of its permanent collection online.

The Whole World a Bauhaus 

The Whole World a Bauhaus celebrates the 100th anniversary of the founding of Bauhaus. This famous German school influenced artistic approaches to industrialization. While it only lasted for 14 years, during that time, it boasted renowned instructors, like Mies van der Rohe and Walter Gropius. The Bauhaus exhibit includes eight sections. Each of them showcases the work of different Bauhaus students, as well as how they sought to rethink the world. 

After you explore the Elmhurst Art Museum online, order a delicious dinner from one of Wheeling’s excellent local restaurants. These incredible burger spots all deliver straight to our Wheeling, IL apartments. To learn more about Foxboro Apartment Homes, please contact us. We would love to schedule a virtual tour, so that you can see firsthand all that our apartments in Wheeling have to offer.

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